Anna Fienberg

Anna Fienberg

Anna Fienberg says, 'My mother, Barbara, always read stories to me when I was little. At bedtime we'd travel to all the secret places in the world, through books.

'We both make up our own stories now, and Tashi began when Barbara was telling me how, when she was a child, she used to tell whoppers. And kids would crowd around, dying to hear the latest tale. We talked about a character like her - someone who told fantastic stories - and over many cups of tea we cooked up Tashi.'

Tashi is a brave little hero and he has to be very clever to outsmart the giants, ghosts, witches and demons he meets in his village. When Anna and Barbara Fienberg plan a new adventure for Tashi, they have to be extra clever, too, because Tashi tells the best stories, and everyone wants to hear what Tashi does next.

Anna Fienberg writes the Tashi stories with her mother, Barbara Fienberg. Anna is a natural storyteller. She has worked as an editor and consultant for a national book club, and now writes full time. Kim Gamble is one of Australia's leading illustrators for children. For ten years they have been working together to make such wonderful books as The Magnificent Nose and other marvels, The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived, the Minton picture books, the Tashi series, Joseph, and, soon, a full colour picture book called Once there was a boy called Tashi.



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Tashi book

Tashi comes from a place very far away. He escaped from a warlord and flew to Australia on a swan. And he tells the best stories ever...

This special Books Alive edition is two-books-in-one: you get Tashi and Tashi and the Giants. Inside are four great adventures about Tashi and dragons and giants and bandits. Tashi is brave, bold and clever - and his stories can be read alone or read together.