A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian
A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian Mail order bridezilla
WHEN NADEZHA’S MOTHER DIES, her father wastes no time in shipping in a new bride from the Ukraine. With a chest as fake as her bleached blonde hair, Valentina is Nadezha’s every nightmare and worse. As Valentina digs her claws in, the hilarious attempts by Nadezha and her sister to get rid of her grow increasingly desperate.

Monica Lewycka draws the perfect balance between the hilarious comedy of family relationships and the terrible experiences of post-war Eastern Europe.

Absolutely Faking It
Absolutely Faking It Living the low cost high life
WINNING A LUXURY HOLIDAY and visiting 13 of the world’s most exclusive hotels seems fabulous, but without that vital ‘all expenses paid’ line, it can be tough. Tiana Templeman soon discovers a world full of challenges as she and her boyfriend attempt to pass their well-worn backpacks off as designer suitcases, and are forced to cook instant noodles next to Chanel toiletries.

This hilarious travel memoir recounts what happens when worlds collide in the most glamorous lobbies on the planet.

Beastly Tales
Beastly Tales Animal crackers
A VULTURE WHO TURNS his beak up at leftovers, a rhino who likes to dance, and a beaver obsessed with keeping up with the neighbours. These are just some of the delightful beasts that will capture new readers.

The rich characters, funny stories and hilarious illustrations are all supported by beastly facts about the animals, so everyone learns the truth behind the weird and wonderful stories.

Nature has never been such fun!

Recommended for Age 7+

Blossom Possum
Blossom Possum A dingo's got my possum
WHEN BLOSSOM POSSUM FEELS something hit her head, she thinks the sky is falling down and is determined to tell the Prime Minister. Setting off on her quest, she bumps into friends like Rocky Cocky and Toey Joey who join her on this important journey. Things get a bit hairy when they meet By-Jingo Dingo, who has very different plans for them…which involves giving his family a very tasty dinner of native animals!

This is a great re-telling of a classic children’s story with a delightful Australian twist.

Recommended for Age 2+

Diamond Dove
Diamond Dove Kicking up a desert storm
THIS NOVEL PACKS A punch and has a wonderful irreverence that sets it apart from most crime writing. Emily Tempest is drawn away from her city life and back to Moonlight Downs, a community in Central Australia that she left half a lifetime ago. Although she discovers life has progressed, some things have not changed a bit. The barefoot kids she knew are now bush mechanics and the simmering tension between the black and white communities is even greater than she remembers.
Doubting Thomas
Doubting Thomas Got something on your chest?
WHEN THOMAS’ NIPPLES START to itch for no reason, he makes the mistake of telling his soccer team. The ribbing he gets from them is bad enough, but the ‘sympathy’ about his hormones is even worse. However, Thomas learns his condition is much more serious than being uncomfortable and embarrassed—his nipples itch when people around him lie. Being a human lie detector may make him special but if it continues, it could end his life early. Will his nipples stop itching or will the people around him stop lying?
Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living
Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living Science...fiction - but not as we know it
IT IS 1934, AND aboard the ‘Better Farming Train’, an earthy romance develops between an idealistic scientist and a talented young seamstress.

The unlikely couple settle in the impoverished Mallee with the ambition of proving that science can transform the land. But with failing crops and another world war looming, they are forced to confront each other and the fragile earth around them.

Erotic, wise and funny, this exquisite novel evokes the Australian landscape in all its stark beauty and vividly captures the hope and disappointment of an era.

Everything You Need To Know About the World
Everything You Need To Know About the World Information overload!
SIMON ELIOT TAKES YOU on a wild ramble through amazing facts. Everything and anything is covered as you discover where killer bees come from, how fast breath travels, and who invented tree houses. Each fascinating fact draws you onto the next until you discover the book you picked up for a minute, has been in your hand for an hour.

Downloading information has never been more enjoyable.

Recommended for Age 8+

Fat, Forty and Fired
Fat, Forty and Fired When life goes belly up
YOU DON’T HAVE TO move to the country and take up organic farming to find a meaningful life. Most people take a gap year at age 18; Nigel Marsh had one thrust on him at age forty. With a wife, four kids, a massive mortgage and a high-powered job in advertising, Nigel’s life soon erupts–first, with a fistula on his backside, next…the end of his job.
Food Sex and Money
Food Sex and Money Fifty is the new forty
WELCOME TO THE LIVES of Australian women in their fifties. Liz Byrski’s novel of three convent school girls renewing their friendship forty years on has delighted readers with its perfect portrayal of contemporary life.
For Sale or Swap
For Sale or Swap A horse of a different colour
GOOD LOOKS COUNT FOR everything—even for horses in the Pony Club. Shelby adores her pony Blue. He’s her best friend and very reliable, but she thinks his less-than-pretty appearance might be holding her back in the image-conscious club. She sees an ad for a beautiful looking brown pony, ‘for sale or swap’, and the trusty Blue is swapped for the well-named Brat. But it soon emerges that the exchange was no bargain. Brat is very highly strung, and her beautiful brown colouring doesn’t survive her first shampoo!
Fox Hunt
Fox Hunt The hunt is on
WHILE DIVING IN THE Indian Ocean off Christmas Island, ex-Navy operative Lachlan Fox discovers a strange metal pod. Even though it’s a remnant of a Soviet ‘Star Wars’ project from the 1980s, Lachlan and his best friend Al Gammaldi don’t think much of it. Then Al is kidnapped, and both he and Fox are plunged into a terrifying series of events that could spell disaster for the world.
Head Over Heels
Head Over Heels Tragedy, triumph and romance
SAM BAILEY THOUGHT HE had his life as a farmer neatly planned out, until a road accident left him a quadriplegic. Remarkably, this turned out to be just a bump in the road to achieving his goals. With determination, rehabilitation and the unwavering support of family and friends, he resumed farming and threw in skiing and solo flights for pastimes. However, the greatest chapter of his story is how he fell in love and captured the nation’s heart. There are many triumph-in-the-face-of-adversity stories, but this one is an absolute stand out.
Hit A revved up ride through crime infested streets
SHE’S STREET SMART, STUNNING and hoping to leave her troubled past behind her. Makedde Vanderwall is ready to start work as a forensic psychologist, and a new life in Australia with her detective boyfriend Andy Flynn.

Hoping to scrape together some extra cash, Mak begins working part-time for an infamous Sydney PI. With a knack for investigation and bending the law, she might just have stumbled across her true calling—and the career choice that could bust up her relationship once and for all.

The Husband
The Husband The price of love
FROM THE MASTER OF psychological thrillers comes one of his best works to date.

When landscaper Mitchell Rafferty’s wife is kidnapped, he thinks there must be some terrible mistake, but there isn’t. The kidnapper demands two million dollars…money that Mitchell doesn’t have. In the desperate and deadly game that ensues, Mitchell discovers just how much he would do and what crimes he would commit in the name of love.

Dean Koontz knows how to grab his readers by the throat.