Terry Denton

Terry Denton

Terry Denton is an award-winning illustrator and author of children’s books. His cheeky sense of humour and quirky drawing style are instantly recognised by children all around Australia. His talents have been combined with other authors to produce such classics as Spooner or Later, The Paw and Jack and Pete. Terry has also illustrated many of his own texts and created award winners such as Felix and Alexander, Home is the Sailor and the 1998 YABBA winning double Zapt! and Gasp.

Terry is married and lives by the beach with his wife Kirsten and their three children. They share the house with a couple of Jack Russell terriers and five chooks.


Books by this author

Beastly Tales
A VULTURE WHO TURNS his beak up at leftovers, a rhino who likes to dance, and a beaver obsessed with keeping up with the neighbours. These are just some of the delightful beasts that will capture new readers.

The rich characters, funny stories and hilarious illustrations are all supported by beastly facts about the animals, so everyone learns the truth behind the weird and wonderful stories.

Nature has never been such fun!

Recommended for Age 7+

The Cat on the Mat is Flat
HERE’S THE WILD AND wacky story of how the rat got revenge on the cat. There are also lots of other yucky and hilarious stories like Pinky Ponky the Shonky and Wonky Bonky Donkey. They’re all written with infectious rhymes and irresistible rhythms—so you’ll find yourself repeating lines long after you’ve finished the book. You might call it poetry, but it’s nothing like the poems you’re used to at school.