Diamond Dove

Kicking up a desert storm

Diamond Dove
THIS NOVEL PACKS A punch and has a wonderful irreverence that sets it apart from most crime writing. Emily Tempest is drawn away from her city life and back to Moonlight Downs, a community in Central Australia that she left half a lifetime ago. Although she discovers life has progressed, some things have not changed a bit. The barefoot kids she knew are now bush mechanics and the simmering tension between the black and white communities is even greater than she remembers.

Not long after Emily arrives, an old friend is brutally murdered. It seems the killer’s identity is obvious until Emily starts asking the sort of inconvenient questions that always get her into trouble.

This remarkable debut novel is full of suspense, humour and charm. Emily Tempest is a great creation; a uniquely Australian heroine we can all delight in.


About the Author

Adrian Hyland

Adrian Hyland spent many years in the Northern Territory, living and working among indigenous people. He now teaches at LaTrobe University. Diamond Dove is his first novel. It is the first crime novel to feature an indigenous protagonist since Arthur Upfield’s Boney series.

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