Inhaling the Mahatma
Inhaling the Mahatma "When a Gandhi dies, nobody is safe."
WITHIN THE PAGES OF this book, there are assassinations, hijackings, nuclear explosions and passionate romance—but it’s not the latest international thriller, it’s all fact. In the 1990s Christopher Kremmer was a young reporter in India, fascinated by its ancient and complex structure. He returned in 2004 to find a country in the midst of the most dramatic change. From inside the ruling elite of the legendary Gandhi dynasty, to the lowest caste members, Kremmer reveals the remarkable and sometimes violent transformation sweeping the country.
Journey to the Stone Country
Journey to the Stone Country Evoking the past, exploring the future
ANNABELLE BECK IS ATTEMPTING to escape the end of her marriage by returning to her family home in tropical North Queensland. Rather than quietly licking her wounds alone, she meets Bo Rennie, a stockman from the Jangga tribe who she first met years ago as a child. Bo mysteriously claims to hold the key to her future.
Kisses for Daddy
Kisses for Daddy Bedtime for bears
BABY BEAR IS GRUMBLY and doesn’t want to go to bed. When he refuses to kiss Daddy Bear goodnight, Daddy Bear tries every kiss in the animal kingdom as he gives Baby Bear his bath and puts him to bed.

The story and beautiful illustrations in this book perfectly capture the magical moments between a father and child as they play, giggle and express affection. Even though the characters are bears, it’s their wonderful humanity that makes this book so sweet.

Lost for Words
Lost for Words More gems than a Lightning Ridge mine
EVER THOUGHT THAT THE language used today is just plain boring? Ever wished at the right moment you could have said “he couldn’t train a choko vine over a dunny”?

Hugh Lunn is on a mission to bring rich colour back to the Australian language. By exploring the phrases of his early years, Lunn doesn’t simply bring back hundreds of funny, apt, poignant and cutting sayings, he evokes a lost world of Australia; one that anyone, whatever their age, will enjoy.

Marley and Me
Marley and Me Bad boy or good dog?
WHAT DO YOU DO with a dog that appears to have Attention Deficit Disorder? When John and Jenny fell in love with an adorable Labrador Retriever puppy, little did they imagine it would morph into a 44 kilogram-eating machine, underwear-stealer and furniture-destroyer. Meet Marley, the most adorable bad dog that ever flunked obedience school.
Mister Pip
Mister Pip Greater expectations
FOR MATILDA, LIFE ON a tropical island seems easy. The hardest thing she has to do is think of things to write about at school. Then, a war she knows nothing about takes all their teachers away, and no one is left to teach them…except Mr Watts. Nicknamed Pop Eye, Mr Watts is better known for wearing a red clown nose and pulling his wife around on a trolley. The only education he can offer is to read out his battered copy of Great Expectations page by page. Matilda is transfixed.
Night Fall
Night Fall A sky high conspiracy
ON 17TH JULY 1996, flight TWA 800, bound for Paris, exploded spectacularly shortly after takeoff from JFK Airport. Why it burst into a fireball, no one knows to this day.

Five years on from the event, John Corey of the Anti-Terrorist Task Force, sets about investigating the mystery. Suspecting a cover up, he breaks all the rules in an attempt to finally discover the truth. What he learns could rock the entire military establishment, should it ever get out.

Olivia A New York babe
OLIVIA IS A PIGLET WITH boundless energy. She plays on the beach, visits art galleries, daydreams of being a ballerina, creates works of art on her wall and thoroughly exhausts her parents!

This charming book is filled with beautiful and quirky illustrations, which bring Olivia’s sweet character to life. Every reader will want to take Olivia home with them.

Recommended for Age 3+

One Woolly Wombat
One Woolly Wombat Counting on fun
AUSTRALIA’S FAVOURITE COUNTING BOOK is back in a special 25th Anniversary Edition. Kids who learned the delights of counting with the first edition, are now reading this book to their own kids.

Kerry Argent’s wonderful illustrations of a wombat sunbathing, kangaroos dancing, kookaburras writing riddles and dingoes playing with yo-yos have stood the test of time—and are as fresh today as ever.

Romulus, My Father
Romulus, My Father Passion, deceit and tragedy
THIS EXTRAORDINARY MEMOIR HAS been an enduring hit since its publication in 1998, when it won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award. It’s the remarkable story of Romulus Gaita, who fled his native Yugoslavia when he was just 13. At the end of the Second World War, he came to Australia with his wife Christine and their four year old son, Raimond. Their struggle for survival in the face of a strange country and heart-breaking tragedy is told with a poignancy and simplicity that has captivated thousands of readers.
Rose By Any Other Name
Rose By Any Other Name Rose by any other name
ROSE THOUGHT SHE WAS packing up her van, hitting the road and escaping. But her troubles also jumped onboard—in the form of her mother. It proves to be an incredible journey of discovery, as the secrets Rose is running away from simply won’t stay behind. Not to mention, the family dynamics are playing louder than any music she can find on the car stereo.
Rubdown Wicked, wild and dangerously funny
SIMONE KIRSCH, EX-STRIPPER AND current private eye, has moved from uncovering her body to uncovering the truth. When property tycoon Emery Wade’s wild daughter gets involved with drugs and prostitution, who better than to track her than Simone? However, a few big shocks are in store when Simone strips down the lies and reveals everything.

Simone takes on drug dealers, sleazy brothel owners and somehow ends up in a bizarre love quadrangle with three police officers. All in the course of duty, naturally.

Salvation Creek: An Unexpected Life
Salvation Creek: An Unexpected Life Seachange with a rapier wit
YOUR BODY CAN BE more sensible than your mind. Susan Duncan was one of Australia’s high flyers—a magazine editor with an international jet set lifestyle and a life many would envy. Then one day she simply could not get out of bed. It seemed like her body refused to move. That was the first step in a journey that led to the tiny seaside retreat of Salvation Creek.

Susan Duncan’s unflinching dedication to the truth about her own life leads not just to remarkable insights, but to razor sharp observations about herself and those around her.

Silverfin: Young Bond V1
Silverfin: Young Bond V1 On her majesty's secret school service
EVER WONDERED HOW THE world’s most famous spy came to be just that? Now is your chance to find out as the young James Bond starts at Eton and confronts his first enemy. The adventure leads the young hero to Lake SilverFin, where a terrifying discovery could unleash horror on the world.

This is the first sensational, action-packed adventure for Young Bond. You’ll be shaken and stirred when you read it.

Recommended for age 11+

Silvermeadow When shopping turns deadly
EVER BEEN IN A shopping mall so big you think you could get lost in there forever? That’s what seems to be happening at Silvermeadow, a glossy mega-mall on the outskirts of London. It’s supposed to be a high-end retail entertainment experience, but when a woman is found dead in a rubbish compactor, and the nation’s most vicious bank robber is spotted, the gloss appears to be coming off the pristine centre.