Susan Duncan

Susan Duncan

After a 25-year career spanning radio, newspaper and magazine journalism, including editing two of Australia’s top selling women’s magazines, The Australian Women’s Weekly and Woman’s Day, Susan Duncan woke up one morning and chucked in her job. The decision followed the deaths of her husband and brother.

Today she lives with her new husband, Bob, on the shores of Pittwater at Tarrangaua, the beautiful home built for poet Dorothea Mackellar in 1925. Susan’s bestselling memoir, Salvation Creek, won the 2007 Nielsen BookData Booksellers Choice Award and was shortlisted for the prestigious Dobbie Award, part of the Nita B Kibble awards for women writers.


Books by this author

Salvation Creek: An Unexpected Life
YOUR BODY CAN BE more sensible than your mind. Susan Duncan was one of Australia’s high flyers—a magazine editor with an international jet set lifestyle and a life many would envy. Then one day she simply could not get out of bed. It seemed like her body refused to move. That was the first step in a journey that led to the tiny seaside retreat of Salvation Creek.

Susan Duncan’s unflinching dedication to the truth about her own life leads not just to remarkable insights, but to razor sharp observations about herself and those around her.