Rose By Any Other Name
Rose By Any Other Name Rose by any other name
ROSE THOUGHT SHE WAS packing up her van, hitting the road and escaping. But her troubles also jumped onboard—in the form of her mother. It proves to be an incredible journey of discovery, as the secrets Rose is running away from simply won’t stay behind. Not to mention, the family dynamics are playing louder than any music she can find on the car stereo.
Silverfin: Young Bond V1
Silverfin: Young Bond V1 On her majesty's secret school service
EVER WONDERED HOW THE world’s most famous spy came to be just that? Now is your chance to find out as the young James Bond starts at Eton and confronts his first enemy. The adventure leads the young hero to Lake SilverFin, where a terrifying discovery could unleash horror on the world.

This is the first sensational, action-packed adventure for Young Bond. You’ll be shaken and stirred when you read it.

Recommended for age 11+

The Gypsy Crown
The Gypsy Crown Charmed in the 17th century
GYPSY CHILDREN EMILIA AND Luka are forced to embark on a quest to find six ancient charms their grandmother says will save their family from the hangman’s noose. It won’t be easy. As well as the various challenges they must meet to gain each charm, the brutal thief Coldham is also hot on their heels.

Kate Forsyth takes a rich array of characters through historically factual events. A thrilling start to an epic six-book adventure.

Recommended for age 12+

While I Live: The Ellie Chronicles
While I Live: The Ellie Chronicles When peace is as deadly as war
THE FIRST OF THE Ellie Chronicles, While I Live is John Marsden at his best. Ellie Linton lives in Wirrawee, a town emerging from the nightmare of a war that has torn Australia in two. While the invaders live beyond the newly formed border a few miles away, Ellie soon discovers they are not the only enemies around. It may officially be peacetime, but the past war has a horrible way of inflicting tragedy on the present.
Will Bad moon rising
WILL ARMSTRONG IS A boy with a lot of cheek…maybe a bit too much, when he moons all the girls as they pass by in the school bus! Sadly, the girls aren’t the only witnesses to his revealing act and he finds himself facing the most feared punishment there is—taking part in the school musical!

With many years experience teaching teenage boys, Maria Boyd captures her subject brilliantly. All the trials, insecurities and stupid mistakes are so spot on, that there must be a few blushing cheeks at her old school.

Recommended for age 12+