Christopher Kremmer

Christopher Kremmer

Christopher Kremmer is one of Australia’s most respected and popular writers of narrative non-fiction, whose work has been compared favourably with that of V.S Naipaul and William Dalrymple. Educated at the University of Canberra , he spent a decade in Asia working as a foreign correspondent, producing a series of award-winning bestsellers, including The Carpet Wars, Bamboo Palace and his latest book, Inhaling the Mahatma, a personal history of India.

Born in Sydney he divides his time between homes in India and Australia’s Southern Highlands.


Books by this author

Inhaling the Mahatma
WITHIN THE PAGES OF this book, there are assassinations, hijackings, nuclear explosions and passionate romance—but it’s not the latest international thriller, it’s all fact. In the 1990s Christopher Kremmer was a young reporter in India, fascinated by its ancient and complex structure. He returned in 2004 to find a country in the midst of the most dramatic change. From inside the ruling elite of the legendary Gandhi dynasty, to the lowest caste members, Kremmer reveals the remarkable and sometimes violent transformation sweeping the country.