James Phelan

James Phelan

James Phelan is a Melbourne-based freelance writer who writes for a variety of publications, including The Age. He holds a Master of Arts in Writing and is currently working on his PhD. He teaches in the Swinburne University Master of Arts Writing program. James also runs James Phelan Literary Services, a business created in 2001 to cater for everything from website content to marketing material and copywriting. He lives in Canterbury, Victoria.

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Books by this author

Fox Hunt
WHILE DIVING IN THE Indian Ocean off Christmas Island, ex-Navy operative Lachlan Fox discovers a strange metal pod. Even though it’s a remnant of a Soviet ‘Star Wars’ project from the 1980s, Lachlan and his best friend Al Gammaldi don’t think much of it. Then Al is kidnapped, and both he and Fox are plunged into a terrifying series of events that could spell disaster for the world.