Richard Tulloch

Richard Tulloch

Richard Tulloch has written over sixty children’s books, heaps of plays and numerous scripts for children’s TV series, including the famous Bananas in Pyjamas and New McDonald’s Farm. He’s had some practice at beastly tales, writing the screenplay for the animated feature film ””Ferngully II: The Magical Rescue, nominated in America for the prestigious Hollywood ‘Annie’ award.

He has two grown-up children, lives with his wife in Sydney and spends part of each year based in Amsterdam. In between times he travels the world, performing his storytelling show __Storyman and teaching writing workshops in schools.


Books by this author

Beastly Tales
A VULTURE WHO TURNS his beak up at leftovers, a rhino who likes to dance, and a beaver obsessed with keeping up with the neighbours. These are just some of the delightful beasts that will capture new readers.

The rich characters, funny stories and hilarious illustrations are all supported by beastly facts about the animals, so everyone learns the truth behind the weird and wonderful stories.

Nature has never been such fun!

Recommended for Age 7+