Absolutely Faking It

Living the low cost high life

Absolutely Faking It
WINNING A LUXURY HOLIDAY and visiting 13 of the world’s most exclusive hotels seems fabulous, but without that vital ‘all expenses paid’ line, it can be tough. Tiana Templeman soon discovers a world full of challenges as she and her boyfriend attempt to pass their well-worn backpacks off as designer suitcases, and are forced to cook instant noodles next to Chanel toiletries.

This hilarious travel memoir recounts what happens when worlds collide in the most glamorous lobbies on the planet.

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About the Author

Tiana Templeman

Tiana Templeman is a Brisbane born and based travel writer. She is a spirited adventurer who has been exploring the globe since 1988 when she first travelled overseas as a young single. Two nuns fed her peppermints all the way to London on that trip. These days Tiana travels with her husband Trevor and son Tex.

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