Morris Gleitzman

Morris Gleitzman

Morris Gleitzman grew up in England and came to Australia when he was sixteen. He was a frozen-chicken thawer, sugar-mill rolling-stock unhooker, fashion-industry trainee, student, department-store Santa, TV producer, newspaper columnist and screenwriter. Then he had a wonderful experience. He wrote a novel for young people. Now he’s a children’s author.

Morris Gleitzman's brilliant comic style has endeared him to adults and children alike and he is one of Australia's favourite authors. His hugely successful books, which have won many awards and been published internationally, include The Other Facts of Life, Second Childhood, Two Weeks with the Queen, Misery Guts, Worry Warts, Puppy Fat, Blabber Mouth, Sticky Beak, Belly Flop, Water Wings, Bumface, Gift of the Gab, Toad Rage, Adults Only, Toad Heaven and Boy Overboard. He has co-written two successful six-part serial novels, Wicked! and Deadly! in collaboration with Paul Jennings. He was named Favourite Australian Author 1999 in the Dymocks Booksellers Children's Choice Awards and won Best Book for Older Readers 2000 in the YABBA Awards for Toad Rage. His latest book, Teacher's Pet is published in May 2003.

Morris Gleitzman has discovered the difficult trick of changing reality so that poignancy and laughter are never far apart. The Australian

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Books by this author

Toad Heaven - Young Australian Best Book & Kids Own Australian Literature Awards

'Ouch,' said Limpy. 'Why's my back hurting?'

A horrible thought hit him. Perhaps it was a fork wound. Perhaps while he was unconscious the human had tried to eat him. He looked around.

'Stack me,' said Limpy. All he could see was blue plastic.

Doubting Thomas
WHEN THOMAS’ NIPPLES START to itch for no reason, he makes the mistake of telling his soccer team. The ribbing he gets from them is bad enough, but the ‘sympathy’ about his hormones is even worse. However, Thomas learns his condition is much more serious than being uncomfortable and embarrassed—his nipples itch when people around him lie. Being a human lie detector may make him special but if it continues, it could end his life early. Will his nipples stop itching or will the people around him stop lying?