Gina Newton

Gina Newton

From Gina Newton: I live in Canberra, Australia with my husband and two kids (Oskar 11 and Jazmin nearly 9), two dogs, two cats and a variety of fish. I am a marine scientist by training with many years working in research and policy. I am especially passionate about marine science and the marine environment.

While working with the fishing industry for many years I recognised a need for more effective communication between the fishers, scientists and the managers of fisheries – in particular a need to ‘translate’ the science. This led me to become interested in science communication and I have now completed a Masters in Science Communication from the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University. My thesis focused on communicating science through children’s literature and included a book about Australia’s first marine fish to be listed as endangered, the spotted handfish (it’s called Hang on Handstand).

I believe children’s books are an excellent means of helping achieve a more science literate community and for raising awareness of the world around us. Since my childhood I have written stories and poems, and sketched characters. I am happy that at last I have found that I can blend my love of science and nature, and my creative writing side. I also enjoy kid’s books that are just for fun, and that’s what my first published book Blossom Possum is meant to be – a fun read while learning about Australia’s wonderfully unique animals! I really enjoyed writing Blossom Possum and my own two children were my first testing ground.


Books by this author

Blossom Possum
WHEN BLOSSOM POSSUM FEELS something hit her head, she thinks the sky is falling down and is determined to tell the Prime Minister. Setting off on her quest, she bumps into friends like Rocky Cocky and Toey Joey who join her on this important journey. Things get a bit hairy when they meet By-Jingo Dingo, who has very different plans for them…which involves giving his family a very tasty dinner of native animals!

This is a great re-telling of a classic children’s story with a delightful Australian twist.

Recommended for Age 2+