Nikki Gemmell

Nikki Gemmell

Nikki Gemmell was born in Wollongong.  After stints as an actress, shop assistant and waitress she turned to journalism, working in Sydney, Alice Springs and Darwin before studying writing at the University of Technology, Sydney. 

Shiver was her first book, which was a bestseller in Australia and France and received international critical acclaim. She subsequently wrote Cleave and Love Story and is the anonymous author of The Bride Stripped Bare.


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Shiver cover

In her first novel Nikki Gemmell delves into the emotional depth of love and loss set in the wilderness of Antarctica. A young woman gets the chance of a lifetime.  To go to ‘the land of mythical tragedies, the place of ships’ hulls being crushed by ice, of long journeys into darkness and death, of soles falling from feet and being strapped back on, of teeth freezing and splitting, fingers dying, toenails coming away, mates disappearing through holes in the ice, mates walking away into blizzards, saying I’m just going outside and may be some time and never coming back…’

A beguiling new novel by the author of The Bride Stripped Bare

Three children wake to find themselves in a basement room. They have been drugged and taken from their beds in the middle of the night. Now they are alone. Where are their parents? Who can they trust?

The Book of Rapture is a novel of our time, challenging our beliefs about religion, science and truth. Searing, provocative and unputdownable, it’s every bit as passionate and driven as The Bride Stripped Bare. It will compel, seduce and haunt you.