Robert Drewe

Robert Drewe

Robert Drewe was born in Melbourne and grew up on the West Australian coast.  His short stories and novels have been widely translated, won many national ind international prizes and been adapted for film, television, radio and the theatre.  He has also written plays, screenplays, journalism and film criticism and edited two international anthologies of stories.

The Shark Net won the 2000 Brisbane Courier-Mail Book of the Year Award, the 2000 WA Premier’s Non-fiction Book Award and the 2001 Vision Australia’s Braille Book of the Year Award.


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The Shark Net cover

Aged six, Robert Drewe moved with his family from Melbourne to Perth, the world's most isolated city - and proud of it.  This sun-baked coast was innocently proud, too, of its tranquillity and friendliness.

Then a man he knew murdered a boy he also knew.  The murderer randomly killed eight strangers - variously shooting, strangling, stabbing, bludgeoning and hacking his victims and running them down with cars - and innocent Perth was changed forever.