Fukui City



Fukui City is the capital of Fukui Prefecture and is located in the northern part of the prefecture. Fukui became an important part of the Hokuriku district about 500 years ago when the Asakura Clan, an important Sengoku period (the Warring States period) Daimyo, built their castle in the lchijodani area of the City. After the rule of the Asakura family, the next ruler Katsuie Shibata settled in the Kitanosho area.
The last ruler of this area was Shungaku Matsudaira, who helped to gather important people of Japan when political power was returned to the emperor at the end of the Edo period. Walking from the ruins of the Asakura clan to Kitanosho and Yokokan can be a history lesson in itself.
Fukui is famous for its beautiful natural surroundings. Fukui''s symbols are the beautiful Mt. Asuwayama and Mt. Kunimidake, from it is possible to see the city in its entirety, the Asuwa River, which runs through the middle of the city and is where lined with lovely cherry trees, the beautiful Echizen sea coast, etc... Within driving distance you can see Tojinbo or experience the severity of Zen at Eiheiji.

(as of March 1, 2004)

Area: 340.60 km2
Population: 254,122
Flower: Hydrangea
Tree: Pine