The wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow

Evans (left) and Parkinson with The Pride of Beechworth.

Christened The Pride of Beechworth at the starting line, the barrow used in the race was not a run-of-the-mill machine. It was specially made for the event at Everton using local timber and fitted with a leather harness to hold Evans securely and balance his weight. It was also the world's first wheelbarrow to be fitted with a pneumatic tyre, complete with roller bearings.

The custom-made pneumatic (air-filled) rubber tyre was designed and made by Dunlop, who also provided a 'Dunlopillo' for the wheelbarrow to make Evans more comfortable during the eight-day marathon. The brochure A Sporting Wager gave details of these innovations under the heading Rubber to the Rescue!

Dunlop sponsorship information, from 'A Sporting Wager' brochure, page 4.

From the brochure: Rubber to the Rescue!
Dunlop Wheelbarrow Tyres

Low pressure tyres were first introduced by Dunlop for passenger cars. In recent years the principle has been applied to Aeroplane Tyres and Tyres for Horse-drawn vehicles. And here it is now on the humble wheelbarrow. Mr. Parkinson will vouch for the fact that the Dunlop Pneumatic Wheelbarrow Tyre helps to lighten the heaviest load.

Dunlopillo Cushioning
Made direct from Latex, the natural milk of the rubber tree, Dunlopillo has already proved its superiority over all other forms of upholstery. Composed of millions of tiny interconnected aircells, every movemnet of the 'sitter' causes air to be pumped through the cushion, thus supporting the body in a scientific and correct manner. Dunlopillo Cushioning is available for Cars, Trams, Domestic Furniture and Mattresses.