Office of the Deputy Minister, Media, Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs


Street address: Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs, Mohammad Jan Khan Watt, beside Spinzar Hotel, Kabul, Kabul Province, Afghanistan
Telephone: 93 (0) 20 210 1305, 93 (0) 70 290329 (mobile)
Proprietor: Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs
Contact: Mohammad Ashaq Watandost Deputy Minister, Public Offices and Finance
The Office of the Deputy Minister, Media is the regulating body for the Afghan media sector. It oversees and regulates broadcasting and press and issues licences on behalf of the Ministry to Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It is responsible for the following Departments and agencies:
Advertising Monitoring Department
Arman Weekly
Anis Daily
Bakhtar News Agency
Beihagi Publishers
Distribution Department
Government Presses Department
Hewad Daily
Kabul Times
Press Centre Department
Private Sector Department
Publications Department
Radio Archives
Radio-Television Afghanistan
Television Archives