Planning and Foreign Relations Department, Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs


Street address: Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs, Mohammad Jan Khan Watt, beside Spinzar Hotel, Kabul, Kabul Province, Afghanistan
Telephone: 93 (0) 20 210 1312
Fax: 93 (0) 20 229 0088
Proprietor: Office of the Deputy Minister, Administration and Finance, Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs
Contact: Ahmad Farid Haidari Director
The Planning and Foreign Relations Department of the Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs is responsible for drawing up plans for the Ministry and co-ordinating the work of foreign cultural agencies. It works closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and collaborates with foreign embassies with a view to the co-ordination of overseas visits by Afghan artists who are affiliated with the government and liasing with overseas artists who require further information.