Bakhtar News Agency


Street address: Mohammad Jan Khan Watt, beside Spinzar Hotel, Kabul, Kabul Province, Afghanistan
Telephone: 93 (0) 20 210 1304
Street address: Office of the Deputy Minister, Media, Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs
Contact: Sultan Ahmad Baheen Director General
Contact: Khalil Menawi Head of Foreign Relations
Contact: Najiba Maram Deputy Head of Foreign Relations
Bakhtar News Agency is the government news agency with correspondents in 32 provinces. They send reports on news in their provinces to those regional centres that have phone lines for inclusion in newspapers and radio. The agency’s key assets are its network journalists, but it is difficult at present for them to send their reports to Kabul due to the poor state of telephone and wire services. The lack of communication links from some provinces will however be rectified in late 2003 with the supply of satellite phones.